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Integration - The Stranded Light - Integrated!

Größe: 416.8 MB
Datum: 24.08.2011 um 11:09
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: bg2408
Traffic: 5.3 TB (13378x herunter geladen)

Version: 1.0 (released 08/24/2011, added "use at your own risk" version at 09/28/2011)

Note: This mod requires the official Shivering Isles expansion!

Introduction: Have you heard of 'Integration: The Stranded Light'? It is a quest mod. More than 80 quests, several joinable guilds, endless pages of dialog. A new city. A lot of new locations. And most importantly, quests that were never seen before in Cyrodiil! Skill checks, choices and consequences, tasks in which you should use your brain, and much more.

However 'Integration: The Stranded Light' was also a mod with very harsh requirements. Due to the way it was built and developed it requires both 'Race Balancing Project' and 'Less Annoying Magic Experience' to run. In addition to the official expansion of 'Shivering Isles'. Well, with Integration Integrated it still requires Shivering Isles...

Integration: Integrated is, to put it bluntly, 'Integration: The Stranded Light' without requirements. However it is not as simple as it sounds! RBP and LAME are deeply rooted into Integration, so simply removing them was not an option. Instead Integration Integrated went another path: Both mods were merged into Integration. So you got an Integration with an integrated RBP and LAME. Uhm. Easier to install, but still not something for those of you that want to play Integration, but don't want to have RBP and LAME forced into your gameplay.

However now it was easier to actually remove most gameplay changes. So you can play Integration nearly without RBP and LAME. Therefore three versions of Integration: Integrated exist:

1. Integration: Integrated - Enhanced Gameplay
In this version you've got a fully working RBP and LAME included.

What does RBP and LAME do? LAME offers a complete rebalance of everything related to magic, to make it less annoying, more fun, more interesting and at the same time not overpowered, but still balanced. RBP offers a complete overhaul of racial powers and abilities, of birthsign powers and abilities, retroactive endurance, some new races and a lot of custom hair styles and eye colors. Note however that the new races, hairs and eye colors are also available in the other version.

2. Integration: Integrated - No Gameplay Changes
In this version you've got nearly no gameplay changes.

"Nearly no?" you may ask. Well, Integration (and therefore Integration: Integrated) uses several new races coming from RBP. They've been rebalanced to Vanilla Oblivion and are available as starting choices. However if you don't choose them, they won't affect your game. Additionally the Ancestral Guardian of Dark Elves has been changed from an ordinary ghost to a flaming spirit, additionally as an unpreventable glitch Zealots and Maniacs in the Shivering Isles may call some strange beasts to their aid (the player, too, if you choose to buy these spells). Unfortunately both changes are not save to remove.
However everything else that LAME and RBP does has been removed. So you can play Integration essentially without RBP and LAME.

3, Integration: Integrated - No Gameplay Changes - No Visuals and Options - Use At Your Own Risk

This version reverts non gameplay relevant options and visual enhancements and redundant magic effects back to their default state, but by doing so causes consistency and immersion issues.

This version is in no way recommend. This is more of a novelty version for the people that were worried due to optional creation choices, and minor icon/clean up type changes to the core game. Hopefully everyone will be happy now, and thank you for the feedback.

For more information about this version please check the readme.

Installation: Easier than it looks like. If you ever used Wrye Bash's BAIN feature, you can use it for Integration: Integrated. If not, manual installation is easier than it looks like.

You'll see several folders inside. They've got numbers and some pretty self explanatory names on them.

1. Copy & paste everything from the first folder "01 - Resources" into your OblivionData folder.
2. Choose either "02 - Enhanced Gameplay" or "02 - No Gameplay Changes" (or the "use at your own risk" version, if that's your choice). Copy the .esp inside into your OblivionData folder.
3. If you're using any female body mod, choose the appropiate "03 - " folder and copy & paste everything inside into your OblivionData folder. E.g. if you're using HGEC, then choose "03 - Exnem and HGEC".
4. If you're using Robert's Male body mod, copy & paste everything from "04 - Robert's Male Bod mod" into your OblivionData folder.
5. If you want to have your Daedra Seducers with wings, copy & paste everything from "05 - Daedra Seducer Wings" into your OblivionData folder.

Then simply activate the mod and you're good to go!

Note however that if you're using one of the races that are part of RBP, some of your textures may be overwritten. If that may be the case, please backup your OblivionData exturesCharacter folder, just in case.

Load order is pretty simple: If you have chosen "No Gameplay Changes", then load that version as early as possible. If you have chosen the "Gameplay Enhanced" version, load it as late as possible. If you don't usually care for load order don't be afraid, they come by default with settings that should make them load around the right spot.

A final warning regarding the "No Gameplay Changes" edition: Please understand that this version was neither originally envisioned, nor intended. It was made due to a high demand for such an option. However RBP and LAME are deeply integrated into Integration, and playing without them may be possible now, but it is not without flaws. On the one hand later loading mods may cause some strange effects, e.g. LAME uses some Magic Effects to have some Knights of Order weapons summonable. A later loading mod may use the same Magic Effect and use it to summon a rolling pin. Result: An Integration Integrated character using a spell intended to summon an Order weapon will summon a rolling pin instead. On the other hand some of Integration's quests are designed with LAME in mind. While there are always different solutions available, those quests that originally had a magic route available to them may have them not anymore. All quests will still be solveable, but may become a bit harder.

Known incompatibilities not governed by above final warning:
- Any mod forcing the Elaborate Eye mesh on default races (most notably Beautiful People, but in case of Integration: Integrated also all other mods doing so. There is absolutely no way to fix this! How to check out if you're using such a mod is quite simple - start a new game, select an Imperial, and see if you've got some bicolored eyes as an option (e.g. one eye blue, the other green). If not, you're good to go. If yes, you have to make a choice.
- Open Cities: As the original Integration a patch is needed. I do not know if the original patch can be made useable by changing its master files in Wrye Bash.

Additional things to keep in mind:
- While it is possible and easy to change from the no gameplay changes version to the gameplay enhanced version, it is virtually impossible to go from gameplay enhanced to no gameplay changes. Only complete method would be a clean save, resulting in a loss of all progress you made in the mod. Or an unspeakable number of console commands. Choose wisely.
- As the original LAME the gameplay enhanced version sorts your spells. If you don't like this feature, use Wrye Bash's bashed patch to get rid of the sorting.
- Integration: Integrated does not offer the same amount of customisation options as the original three separate mods offer. You can try to get some modules to work, but I can't guarantee for anything. The reason is simple: If you're using the Gameplay Enhanced version, then you're likely doing so to have an easier time installing the mods. That's about the only boon using it instead of the originals. Modules make things a lot more complicated. More complicated than a basic RBP + LAME + Integration installation would have been. Also several popular and nearly baseline modules are already included (starting spells, shader effects, and more). However if you're using the No Gameplay Changes version, then I guess it's likely that you don't want to have (m)any of RBP's and LAME's features expanded. Not that many of them would work as intended either way.

For Credits see the ReadMe file!


Original Integration: The Stranded Light description:
Integration: The Stranded Light

Years before Uriel Septim's death Talos appeared before the Nerevarine, foretold that the Empire is about to end. More so, that it is time for a change - but without knowing, which form the change may take. "Young folks should try some new ideas. Could be messy. But change is never pretty."

In the wake of Uriel Septim's death, Cyrodiil is in turmoil. A city annihilated, guilds in open and secret wars with rivals and old enemies. Everyone knows, or thinks they do. Rumors run wild. The Black Horse Courier is always after the latest 'news'. Yet there is more here still, a light rising, intertwined with shadows. A wind of change blows through Cyrodiil. New powers rising. Old ones returning. Some fading away into obscurity.

Old rules still apply, hiding what (or who) should not be visible to the public. Yet some rules are ignored, simply because they're bad for business. And other rules are gone, swept away -- Mehrunes Dagon is not the only Daedra interested in Mundus, though intentions and actions differ.

Integration: The Stranded Light includes more than 80 quests with a strong emphasis on thinking, character interaction, choices, consequences, and lore. It delivers a seamless integration of Cyrodiil and Shivering Isles along with other lore races. A new, joinable guild plays an important role in many of the quests, which are unlike any in Vanilla Oblivion: A bit thinking, often multiple solutions, quite heavy on social skills. It also reaches beyond the typical mold of quest mods, seeking to enrich the existing game world as whole.

The quests in Integration: The Stranded Light don't all follow a single storyline. It's more like a collection of somewhat intertwined short stories than an epic novel. Here's a small sampling of the variety you can expect.

There are questions so obvious none ever asked.
* Decades ago, during the Imperial Simulacrum, different breeds of Elsweyr's people could be found in Cyrodiil. Now all save one disappeared, making the Suthay-raht a synonym for Khajiit. Why did this happen? And can it be reversed?
* Most elven races were assimilated into the Empire, but not all. What happened to the others? Centuries ago a war was fought between the Altmer and the fourth elven race known to exist til today. Only a freak storm caused by the Psijics pushed the invaders out of Tamrielic seas. Are they really gone?.
* A millennia ago Sheogorath tried to stop another Daedric Prince by filling a hole with clowns. He failed. And as the other Daedric Prince approaches again, the domain of Sheogorath changes - an event that has always affected Mundus, too. Now the other Daedric Prince is rising again, what consequences may arise for Mundus?
* At the beginning of the second era, it's twelfth year, Tjurhane Fyrre died - last known Ayleid in Cyrodiil. Was he really the last one?
* Since time immemorial, Skooma seeps out of Elsweyr like sweet poison into the rest of the Empire. In the waning years of the third era, will the Renrijra Krin succeed in spreading it even further?

Requirements and Download
(obsolete in I:TSL-I!)

Currently there are no plans, except polishing and bug squashing.

Trailer I
Trailer II: Part I, Part II
Trailer III
Slice 6 Teaser (Spoiler Warning!)
Picture I | Picture II | Picture III | Picture IV
Picture V | Picture VI | Picture VII | Picture VIII
Picture IX | Picture X | Picture XI | Picture XII
Picture XIII | Picture XIV

Wallpaper: 19 Voids || Wallpaper: Teshekru

Known issues and incompatibilities
- for some extremely strange reason I never was able to replicate for an absolute minority of players the game crash when "In Memoria" is started. Usually rebuilding your Bashed Patch (if present) or take off enchanted clothing /armor prevents this crash.
- if you're updating from an older version, and you've already seen Kanaane or solved the "Suthay Decree" quest, use the console command once: StartQuest IntegrationUpdate
- Open Cities has a patch available at it's download location.
- there are no conflicts with Better Cities anymore.
- there are NO known conflicts with FCOM or most of Unique Landscapes (however Silver Fish river needs a compatibility patch, which is available for it).
- if you don't fulfil the above mentioned requirements, your game will crash.
- some dialog responses from the player seems like a bit too shortened. Unfortunately they are; player responses can only be about 38 characters long, so no way for the player to give elaborate answers. Game limitation.

Background and features
What can you expect when playing Integration: The Stranded Light? The most important goal of this mod is to bring in new (although some would say "missing") kinds of quests into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Quests with multiple solutions, using skills and accomplishments in dialogs, riddles and other possibilities to think. Which I'm unwilling to spoil.

Although, if you really must know... (here be spoilers!)
- a new joinable guild, which you can help growing. With visible impact on their headquarter.
- another, Shivering Isles based guild.
- some more smaller guilds.
- remember Morrowind's "Guild Guide" travel system? Now you can institute one in Cyrodiil too!
- memorable challenges and rewards, thanks to using LAME's resources and scripts.
- believeable unique NPCs. Your actions can even change some of their lifes!
- a lot of dialog, often taking into account your deeds, skills or other characteristics.
- similar to the "Guild Guide" other features are there to enrich the world, e.g. the new guild's HQ can also be used as a new home.
- and, of course, even more. Enough spoilers for now!

- thanks to Bleral for all the new resources: Paintings, furniture, book arts, faction and quest icons, all are his work! Many thanks!
- JonSatriani, Plangkye and kalikut for the Telvanni Tileset Modders Resource
- Speckledguar, MEO, Razorwing for the updated Telvanni Tileset Modders Resource
- Phitt for the fishtanks
- Mur_Zik for the Sexy Walk animation.
- trollf for his Solaris and Chrono Staffs.
- kalikut for the cauldrons.
- Xiamara and Dkhoster for the Teddy Bears.
- thanks to phoenix1213, Old Book, kyoma, Rubinchen, Bleral, YX33A, and Lingwei for testing
- dev_akm, lilith and daemondarque for helping to formulate a better introduction text
- Steve Carrow for making tes4gecko run with my mods (creating silent dialog files and all that)
- Mortazo for his "treatise on daedra of the lesser variety"
- the EVE team for the robe mesh.
- Harke the Apostle for inspiration to a certain dialog.
- proweler for his text about Sithis and Anuiel (in game "Two Faces")
- Super Llama for his rideable Land Dreugh.
- the visitors in guild halls were all donations. They came from: Theclonerman, greenwarden, garx, FallenWizard, WhoGuru, shadeMe, Celes, Ludicrous, PetrusOctavianus, orbitor, phoenix1213, Prime Monky, LFact, elizb, Helkalas-so-Tauna, Tekuromoto, NRN_R_Sumo1, Antique Miya.
- the visitors in the gallery were all donations. They came from: Fearabbit, Bodevanlot, garx, washington, maguskain, migck, UnknownK, Mishaxhi. The gallery keeper was a donation of greenwarden.

- Redistribution: All my mods are "openable content". If I do not respond within a month and / or all download locations go offline for more than two weeks you're free to do whatever you wish. Until then do not reupload the whole of one of my mods without explicit permission. I tend to update them often and outdated versions will harm both mod users and myself. For more information see here .
- Compatibility files and adjustments: I've got nothing against deisolated patches and the like. If you want to create one, go ahead :).

If you've got questions, please check the Online FAQ

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