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Animation Resource for NPCs

Größe: 489 KB
Datum: 06.06.2009 um 11:18
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: bg2408
Traffic: 1.2 GB (2582x herunter geladen)

This is a modders resource, no mod to play!

Animation Resource for NPCs

Version 1

1. What's this about?
2. How to use?
3. Keep in mind!
4. Credits / Licence
5. Animations included

1. What's this about? Some people asked me how I got the new animations in "Less Annoying Magic Experience" and "Integration - The Stranded Light" running and working. Well, now you can use the same animations for your NPCs. A couple of them are from Vanilla Oblivion and Shivering Isles, others were done by umpa. I hope this will allow you to create some more interesting NPCs! Why does this plugin also includes some Vanilla / SI animations? Simply because setting them up is a bit difficult. Most animations can be accessed through use item at - packages, but some weren't available. Now they are, which makes them much easier to use!

2. How to use: Give NPC of your choice the appropiate token, which can be found as "Misc Items" (e.g. bgIdleShiveringDanceRes for Shivering Isles Dance animation) and an "Use Item At" package using this token. This is everything you need to do!

On death the token will appear as useless and worthless hammer.

3. Keep in mind: Shivering Isles animations need an installed Shivering Isles to be played. The non-SI-animations will work without, though. The mod itself is language neutral - the token is named "Hammer", but this is the only potential problem if hammer are translated to another word in your Oblivion's language version. Other than that there are no conflicts and potential problems.

There's a small bug with the SI juggling animation: An additional set of balls will appear after the first loop, which disappears at the end / after the second loop.

Some idles do not work on sitting NPCs. This includes all dance animations, and interestingly the SI writing animation. Cooking on the other hand works for sitting NPCs.

4. Credits: Many animations come from Shivering Isles and Vanilla, all others were done by umpa. Licence: Feel free to use however you see fit. Do not forget to credit umpa!

5. Animations included: Four different dance animations, two training animations, smithing, juggling, cooking, writing, seductive waiting, and meditating.

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