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Unique Landscapes - Brena River Ravine EV

Größe: 7.4 MB
Datum: 13.04.2009 um 08:53
Uploader: Dragonlady
Autor: chuck21, IAMTHEEMP
Traffic: 17 GB (2356x herunter geladen)


Author: chuck21, IAMTHEEMPEROR, Arthmoor
Version: 1.1

Brena River Ravine stretches from BoC:Lost Coast to the headwaters of both forks of the Brena River. At the river's fork, the area is divided by a system of ancient Ayleid dams which serve to create 3 distinct regions in the area.

The north fork of the river stretches back into a thick forest lined with many rocks, trees, and old Ayleid fortifications. One dam here creates a reservoir of deep water. A group of bandits has made the area its home and headquarters of their smuggling operations.

The east fork is marked by a pair of large and ancient Ayleid dams, the purpose of which has been lost to the ages. The twin dams stand as a testament to the engineering skills of the Ayleids. The waters here are very deep and the ravine is lined by massive cliffs. A giant waterfall marks the headwaters of the east fork, rising thousands of feet up the wall to a small lake in the Colovian Highlands.

Below the dams the Brena River's waters are shallow. It lazily winds through the Colovian Highlands on its way to the Abecean Sea. Here, amongst the greenery lie the humble old remains of a once great Ayleid city, interspersed with clusters of rocks and flowers.

Unique Landscapes (short: UL) is based on the vision of a diversified and beautiful Cyrodiil. Imagine a world where exploring not only means to find new enemies and treasures but to enjoy gorgeous landscapes, a world where every step could lead to a new and unique visual experience. That is the Cyrodiil UL is working on.

To achieve a goal that huge, the UL project consists of multiple single mods. Each mod modifies a part of Cyrodiil, following a single theme. Usually UL mods get developed completely independently from each other. This way each modder has a maximum of freedom to work on his or her vision, so every UL mod gets its own style and contributes to the diversification of Cyrodiil.


Oblivion with the official patch version 1.2.406 is required.


Unique Landscapes project (search there for "Unique landscapes") oder im DV-Releasethread

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