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The Dungeons of Ivellon EV

Größe: 110.5 MB
Datum: 30.10.2007 um 00:13
Uploader: Gorkon
Autor: Lazarus
Traffic: 1.1 TB (9985x herunter geladen)

Bei dieser Mod handelt es sich um die komplett englische Version von Ivellon. DV'ler sind mit der deutschen Version besser beraten, EV'ler lesen weiter. ;)

Version: 1.5

'The Dungeons of Ivellon' is a quest- or adventure mod respectively for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
The player can expect a vast dungeon full of mysteries to be unraveled, secrets to be disclosed and dangers to be defied.

To start the adventure, search for the ancient book that countess Narina Carvain of Bruma preserves in her rooms.

Caution, the hidden dangers in the lower vaults are great and tremendous - by no means venture into the dungeons before you are at least level 20-25.

Main attraction of this mod is a complete, brand new tile set which the dungeons are made of; more precisely, it is an (almost) typical tile set of medieval vaults.

The dungeons are pitch black - torches or light spells are mandatory. However, there will be extinguished torches at the walls and drop-lights at the ceilings, that can be set on fire by means of activation or a well-aimed fire spell in order to illuminate the dark.
I don't recommend the use of infravision spells (the ability to see in the dark respectively), because it would break the ambience.

If you encounter difficulties solving the puzzles, you may have overlooked something - keep your eyes open and take a closer look, since more often than not the key proverbially lies straight before your nose.
Do not expect 'Oblivion as you got used to it', this means, you won't just run into the dungeons for 15 minutes and get out of it with tons of glittering stuff in the inventory. You rather want to take lots of time and torches to observe the dungeons thoroughly. If you search carefully then you will find hidden items and other tidbits. Level scaling or random drops do not exist. Each item and every enemy has its determined spot, every stat point of monsters is a fixed value. Of course you won't find any compass quest marks either.

This mod should be compatible with all other currently (8/16/2007) available modifications and Plug-Ins, including mods like e.g. 'Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul' or the complete series of 'Unique Landscapes'.

Special thanks to DWS who translated all texts. :)


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