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Cats and Rats EV

Größe: 7.1 MB
Datum: 19.10.2007 um 13:19
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: Original: Martigen / Compatibility update: bg2408
Traffic: 35.6 GB (5156x herunter geladen)


Version: 2.5b (Beta 2)

This is a kind of an open beta release. As far as all tests indicate, it seems to work as intended / expected - but you never know for sure with such a complex mod until many more people have tested it.

Readme Cats and Rats 2.5b

0. Important Notice
1. Installation
2. Load Order
3. Compatibility
4. What's this about?
5. Issues
6. Acknowledges
7. Original readme

0. First of all an important notice: This is a compatibility update for users of Cats and Rats. Cats and Rats is Martigen's mod, his idea, his work, his everything. Unfortunately many compatibility problems have appeared since it's last update, so users of OOO, MMM and many other mods (specifically all that change or add guards) can't use Cats and Rats anymore.

That is what I am trying to fix here. If you're NOT using an incompatible mod, please do yourself a favor and use Martigen's original ->
Unless you're also using an incompatible mod, Martigen's version is much better than this.

1. Installation: Pretty much standard. Put the zCats & Rats.esp and the zCats & Rats.bsa in your OblivionData folder and activate it in the Oblivion launcher. I have absolutely zero idea what will happen if you try to update from a previous version. My understanding is that this shouldn't be the case at all - because running an older version with an incompatible plugin would have resulted in mass rampages and ghost towns in Cyrodiil. And if you're not running an incompatible mod, why update?

Important: You need a script effect silencer! Most mods do this already, so I didn't integrate it into the main .esp. If you don't have a mod running that silences script effects, I have included a silencer. Use it only if you're hearing a spell sound every couple of seconds!

2. Due to a small issue it has to be loaded after
OOO and harvest containers. Otherwise much fewer rats will spawn, and cats will die of boredom. You don't want this to happen, do you?

3. This new version is compatible with every overhaul mod. It is, however, NOT compatible with open cities. If anyone wants to make an update for this project, please go ahead.

4. What does this update do? Cats and Rats changes every guard in the game, so they don't attack cats when they're chasing rats. Unfortunately, as soon as another mods adds new guards (like OOO) or changes existing guards, this behavior gets overwritten and they revert back to killing cats (and creating mass havoc, because other guards will then defend the cat...)
Martigen's solution was the most reliable solution to stop this, but it requires constant updates for many other mods. I have chosen another approach - the most compatible one, but less reliable one. Additionally it's a bit more perfomance hungry. In an area with more than ten guards expect a loss of one FPS due to the nature of the new scripts. As I've said, if you don't have any troubles with the original, please use the original!

Instead of changing every guard in the plugin file, the guards in game are "tagged" by a script. As soon as they are tagged, they have the normal Cats and Rats behavior - which means they don't go around killing cats and causing havoc. The tagging is permanent - more so even. If a guard is killed and respawns, he will already be tagged.
Guards are tagged in game, so it doesn't matter what mod affects them, or from which plugin they come - they all get tagged, so there's no need for separate versions for OOO, for MMM, for Fran's and whatever guard changing mods else are out there now.
That is the good news. The bad news: This tagging can fail. The probability for should be pretty low and there is a security web, but it can happen - example given when an untagged guard leaves a building and directly attacks and hits a cat. He only has a time window of less than five seconds to do so (in secure or intelligent mode, see below), so it's unlikely to happen. But unlike Martigen's original these accidents can happen. As I've said, a more compatible, but less reliable solution.

How does tagging work?
There are two layers. The first is the security web. Once a cat is loaded it tags every guard in the same cell. Also once a cat is attacked, it will unleash a tag into the cell. Included in this tag is an emergency spell which will stop any combat around - yes, this can be exploited, but otherwise bad things would happen. This should stop every beginning havoc in it's beginning.
The second layer is the actual tagging script. There are four modes available for the player. You can change them by activating the "Cat's Playball" in your inventory. Default is secure.
- insecure: No tagging beside the security web. Not recommended in Tamriel, but a viable mode in plugin worlds like Nascosto Islands or Cybiades. There won't be any perfomance loss with this.
- semi secure: A tagging is done everytime the player enters a new cell. This was my original idea - and as long as the player isn't standing still or taking it's time in cities, it does work very well. Unfortunately standing long times in the Imperial City will cause problems, because of patroulling guards coming from other city parts which have not been tagged. Not advised early in the game, but a viable alternative later. As I've said, tags are permanent. I didn't have any perfomance loss with this.
- secure: Tagging is done every five seconds. That's the default. So new guards appearing from anywhere only have a few short seconds time to cause havoc. Oh and btw, this should also fix the "Imperial Legion Forstesters kill each other" issues (a problem in Vanilla Oblivion, not one caused by any mod). There are very small effects on frame rates, I took a hit of 1 FPS every five seconds.
- intelligent: Like secure in cities, and like insecure in the wilderness. Except on the waterfront there are nearly no cats outside the city, so there are very rarely any issues and no perfomance loss outside of cities or in dungeons. My favorite tagging mode. It's not quite as reliable as secure, but more reliable as semi secure. Unfortunately it behaves like secure in new plugin worlds.

5. Issues... it seems the security web is strong enough to prevent any major problems from happening. Of course there are still oddities that can occor.
- cats stop chasing rats when guards are watching.
- very few NPCs are total nut cases, and will try to attack rats once. Nothing bad will happen, because that will only trigger the security web. It's still somewhat funny to see them standing in a place, looking mean to cats and casting their buff spells over and over again. Laralthir is an example of this. The same is true for some guards that begin a kind of dance sometimes.
- sometimes guards using bows are stopped from attacking only when a cat is hit by them. This happened once in over 50 hours of testing, so it shouldn't be that common.
- oh and Cats and Rats is a requires some ressources. If you're having perfomance issues in cities, it may be a bit of an overkill.

6. Many thanks to Martigen for his wonderful mod, which I just made more compatible with this!

7. Original readme (included in the download)

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