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Less Annoying Magic Experience [English Version, 1.7]

Größe: 5.3 MB
Datum: 31.08.2007 um 11:23
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: bg2408
Traffic: 475 GB (91929x herunter geladen)

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3 - 1.5 Teaser
Trailer 4 - 1.5 Teaser II
Trailer 5 - Gameplay Impressions

Less Annoying Magic Experience (LAME) version 1.7, by bg2408
1. Installation
2. Modules
3. What's this about?
4. Known issues
5. Compatibility
6. Examples of new spells
7. Acknowledges / Thank yous
8. License
9. Warning

- put the bgMagicEV.esp and the bgMagicEV.BSA into your Oblivion/Data folder.
- important: To get the Shivering Isles exclusive spell you need to have Shivering Isles installed, and have at least heard from or found the Shivering Isles door. So Shivering Isles unnerfed plugins may cause you to not immediately being able to buy any new SI exclusive spells.
- the menu folder is NOT necessary - it rises spellmaking and enchanting limits, and is highly recommended.
- LAME does require the 1.2 patch. If you "bash change" LAME to not require the 1.2 patch
your game will crash.

- LAME does NOT require OBSE
- if you want an alternative script effect icon, unzip the texture folder from "Alternate Script Effect" into your OblivionData folder. Unfortunately this great looking icon didn't work when packed into a BSA file.
- if you're using Supreme Magic, and you are loading LAME first, and you want to use the new summons from LAME: Only then (if you have answered every question with yes!) use the SM Conjuration Overwrite also. This has to be loaded after SM, of course.

- there are now a couple of modules included. They are not necessary to use LAME. All are normal .esp files and can be installed as usual.

- Shader: Replaces and enhances some shader effects in game (e.g. makes fire enchanted swords actually burn). Can be used with Wrye Bash's Import Graphics function. Not compatible with any other enchantment shader mods. It is fully optional, so don't dare to ask me if it is compatible with enchantment shader mod XYZ. IT ISN'T!

- SpellTomes_for_WryeBash.esp: The name is a bit misleading. There are no spell "tomes" in it, just spell "notes" from J'shivrizza (the spell merchant in Skingrad). They can be randomly found throughout the game, and grant a new spell when lerned. There are more than hundred of them. Half of them are teaching new LAME exclusive spells, and half of them standard Oblivion spells. So you've got an another method to get spells - not only buying them, but also finding them! (The Shivering Isles tomes will only grant new spells, when you've got the strange door rumor, or found that door). WARNING: This module should only be used when you're using Wrye Bash, because it changes some levelling lists (it's adding the spell notes, d'oh). You need only to rebuild your patch. Otherwise there will be some override issues with other mods changing the same lists (e.g. OOO).

- Paperchase: Adds a little quest to the game. Instead of buying all new great spells, find some of them placed throughout the world. Many clues are given, but still you will need more brains than a brain pie to solve all riddles. Or much luck. Can be configurated with >> startquest paperchase <<

- StartingSpells: Usually you're starting with a fixed set of spells. Let's say you want to be a druid and choose conjuration - you'll get the Scamp summon spell. Not with this module anymore! Instead of normal starting spells, you're getting a "Memory" spell for each chosen magic school. When cast they allow you to choose with magic you want to start with.

- Bonus: This replaces nearly all of the various greater powers and fortify skill abilities you get as quest rewards with something that is in my humble opinion more useful, small permanent bonuses (like resist fire 5 and the like). I never have used the greater powers to begin with, so... A final warning: The birthsign stone bonuses were inspired by my race balancing project, not from Vanilla Oblivion's birthsigns. Of course their bonuses are many times weaker. Please use this only with the other module, because that other module makes some important enchantments weaker, and without that this part may be a bit too much. And it adds the missing Nirn stone to the game. Try to find it - no clues given.

- bgMagicItemSigil: This balances out every single sigil stone and premade enchantment. Main reason for this is to remove exploits (or making them much harder to get, like chameleon 100), and to make some underpowered gear (mostly quest rewards) actually useful, and to balance things a bit more out. Three examples: 1. Plain shield Sigil Stones are now more powerful than the Elemental Shield ones (which give, additionally to the shield bonus, elemental resistances). 2. The quest reward for the "A Brotherhood Betrayed" quest now has a small fatigue regeneration, because otherwise it was just a very weak fortify speed amulet, and not worth the trouble. 3. Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Armorer were replaced completely, because these effects didn't work at all.

- AddEnVar: Adds some new spells to enemies, so they use some goodies from LAME, too. REQUIRES SHIVERING ISLES! NoSI-version also available

- Lightningbolt: Changes shock bolt effect to a more "lightningy" appearance. Just game setting changes, so a total stand alone mod compatible with anything not changing the shock damage appearance.

- Alchemy: Makes selfmade potions a bit weaker and less of a gold mine.

- PotionNumberSoulGemValue: Reduces the number of potions you can drink simultaniously (Novice 1 to Master 5), also tweaks the values of soulgems slighty.

As I played Oblivion for the first time, I was *really* annoyed by nearly everything regarding magic:

- "I'm casting a shield spell, detect life and light on me, to be prepared for this dungeon!" *cast, cast, cast* "What? Why has shield already ended?"
- "And why did I got 7 levelups in one tiny dungeon?"
- "Great, I'm level 45, have finally got 100 in Conjuration and can summon a lich!" *cast* "Did a bandit just kill my lich? And did a bear slaughter my second lich?"
- "Finally master of Illusion! Now I can cast the mightiest frenzy and command spells!" *cast* "What, doesn't work? Oh, only up to level 15. Fantastic. I'm going to create my own ones." *Spellmaking Altar* "Oh, only up to level 25. But now everyone is 40 or higher!"
- "I should put 8 restore attribute spells in my spell book? Are they nuts?"
- "Now what's the point of mysticism?"
- "What should I do with that many novice spells? I didn't want them!"
- "Another mastery level! Yay! Going to buy spells now..." ... "...what? Why are they always much weaker than self made ones? Do I have to clutter up my spell book with them, just that I can create my own ones?"
- "Why are selfmade enchantments with grand souls often weaker than the lowest sigil stones? Does Bethesda hate selfenchanter?"

I think you get the picture. So I've made a couple of changes:
- duration of many buffs and debuffs have been significantly improved (x4). No more casting three buffs in a row and the first one is already disappearing! Very powerful buffs / debuffs like Invisibility and Paralyze aren't affected.
- summoned creatures level now with the player, depending on the mastery level. Every creature has a range - for example a Scamp will level much less than a Daedroth, has a lower starting and ending cap.
- many former worthless spell effects now have a meaning, like command or turn undead.
- you can now enchant things with a similar magnitude that can be found on premade items or Sigil Stones. Enchanting gold costs increased!
- summons don't get hostile to their summoners as easily as before - never while in combat, and only after three friendly hits outside of combat.
- summons can be killed with Dispel effect (idea taken from Supreme Magicka)
- every spell reworked so that it is at it's mastery limit. No more cluttering up your spell list because the premade ones are weaker than they're could be. This increases spell costs!
- player starts now with apprentice instead of novice spells, if he chooses magic skills as his class skills. No cluttered up spell menu with minor novice spells anymore.
- a couple of new spells. All buyable from a new spell merchant named "J'shivrizza" in Skingrad (mostly Mage's Guild, she has a daily routine) to prevent conflicts. Three spells inspired or taken from SM.
- also some more efficient standard spells, sold by three "semi secret" spell merchants.
- every spell now has a code at the beginning (magic school + effect + mastery level), your spell book won't be a mess anymore. E.g. ILi3: Candlelight
- more diverse spell icons thanks to riklund.
- Shivering Isles creatures now levelled, too, so that the redundand spell effects could be used for many completely new summons (thanks to GlasMond for the icons and J3X for the summoning effect).

That's what planned, or is already done. Like all my plugins it's "always in development" because new ideas can hit me anytime ;). It's not my intention to make a plugin which uses much custom content - other plugins like the Midas Magic project do this already, and are fully compatible.

- once selected you can't get rid of the quest showing you your marked locations (from Mark and Recall). You can toggle on or off if you want to see your marked locations, but - please keep that in mind - you can't get rid of the journal entry at all.
- if J'shivrizza is refusing your offer, lower your "barter" slider. This gets asked a lot. Know that she is an expert in mercantile, and you can't buy her new spells at the same barter factor as with novice mercantile spell merchants.
- you won't see any new Shivering Isles spell until you have any journal entry regarding the "strange door". This was done so that I don't need to create separate .esps for people without Shivering Isles. If you have Shivering Isles installed, you'll get the new spells by simply talking to her - after you've got the journal entry.
- don't teleport from places where you are not supposed to flee from (like Paradise). I already included a check to prevent teleporting from / to the Shivering Isles, but it's impossible to catch any possible quest where you shouldn't suddenly disappear. Please use it with caution!
- don't leave an area as long as an important NPC is phased out, this could cause later some problems.
- the Create Oblivion Gate spell has a few oddities. 1. If you didn't close the gate before summoning it again, before the "open gate" animation starts for a frame an already opened gate will appear. 2. When you have already opened a gate somewhere, and open it at another place before the first cell resets, the gate will have disappeared after you have entered and closed the gate. You can summon it again, but won't see a closing animation. 3. The script is quite fragile - it does seem to work now, but in the first iterations there were some cases in which it didn't open proberly or other strange things happened. That shouldn't happen anymore, but if it does, please report it!
- SpellTomes: The spell notes are written by J'shivrizza. So if you have ever read her diary, you know what you can expect from them.
- do not delete the .bsa file when using L.A.M.E., it includes more than just riklunds "diverse effect icons"!
- regarding the spell costs: All spells with very high costs are master spells. At master level, the spells are much cheaper to cast, so don't worry. Although a few very powerful ones (like Meteor Shower or Spirit Exodus) still require that you enchant some of your stuff with Fortify Magicka. Why? They are really powerful, and require dedication.
- concering "the rest of the system" like Magicka pool and Magicka regeneration: These things are not part of LAME, to keep compatibility with many other mods. My Race Balancing Project takes care of these things.
- if you don't like the shader on summoned creatures, enter this into your console:
set bgNoSummonShader to 1

5. COMPATIBILITY: You can use any mod with this. Although please be aware that one spell can only be affected by one mod. Example given you want to use this mod with Supreme Magicka. If you want to have SM's settings for spells (duration, magnitude) and only L.A.M.E's new spells, then load SM last. If you want to have SM's new spells and my settings for spells then load L.A.M.E. last. The new spell icons are included in a BSA to not accidently overwrite yours.

The only known exception is "Hatsutoli Tiefling race", which is not and probably never will be compatible.

6. New spells:I don't like to spoil the whole mod, so here are just a few "general hints" about what's new:
- Conjuration: A nature summon path, more Shivering Isles summons, bound heavy and light armor, new bound weapons.
- Mysticism: "Force push / pull" spells, a wide range of detection spells (danger, resistances, and more), teleportation.
- Destruction: Spells of mass destruction like Meteor Shower or Chain Lightnings.
- Illusion: Some spells to mess with the minds of people.
- Alteration: A lot of spells to use stuff to do other stuff, like a diamond-powered arcane chest.
- Restoration: A few spells to heal in unusual ways, or to manipulate your body.
There are, of course, more spells than that - but they're made from existing spell effects (example given "Nova" spells - spells which hit everything surrounding the player without the need to succeed with a touch spell first).

7. Acknowledges / Thank yous / Credits
- riklund for his new Diverse Spell Icons
- GlasMond for his additional new spell icons for the extra summons
- J3X for his nature summon effect (released as "Better Bear Summon Effect"), for his better undead summon effect, for his better Turn Undead Shader (which texture also used in Mark Corpse), and for his Summon Oblivion Gate Mod (which was causing savegame bloating and had to be rewritten nearly completely), and his animated weapons.
- Flyfightflea for Supreme Magicka - some spells and some additional spell icons were taken from it.
- LazyMonk for the Bound Arrow concept.
- madcat221 and Legion2k5 for their Script Effect Icon
- the team of, without their excellent Wiki many things would have been impossible for me.
- jcd13 for his blue Will'o resource
- greenwarden, DeadlyAccurate, Corepc and Thraxonas for testing
- Lazarus for the Skeleton Lord meshes and textures
- Umpa for the three new animations used.
- Martigen for his rat climb script (used in Paperchase module for Rudi)
- Contact: Either write me a private message at the official Elder Scrolls forums ( ), in the forums ( ), or write an E-Mail to bg2408(at)

8. License:
- Usage of textures and meshes: For textures and meshes you have to ask their respective creators for permission, not me. I can neither grant nor deny permission. Creator's are listed above.
- Usage of scripts and ideas: All of them are open content. You're free to use them in your mod without permission, but like with all "open content" licenses when using them your mod will also be open content.

- Redistribution: All my mods are "openable content". If I do not respond within a month and / or all download locations go offline for more than two weeks you're free to do whatever you wish. Until then do not reupload the whole of one of my mods without explicit permission. I tend to update them often and outdated versions will harm both mod users and myself. For more information see .
- Compatibility files and adjustments: I've got nothing against deisolated patches and the like. If you want to create one, go ahead :).

9. Warning:
- 1.68 will be the last version with any "customander" file included (e.g. no spell sorting and other stuff that I personally don't use), unless someone helps me with them.
- I will ignore any question that can be answered by reading this readme.
=> my time is very limited, and I will not use it for anyone who thinks that their time is more valuable than mine.


Hinweis: "Ziel speichern unter" ist nicht möglich.
Advice: "Save target as" is not possible.
Mirror 1: Old version - not required! (1.60) (8231 Klicks)
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Mirror 3: Old version - not required! (1.53) (4363 Klicks)
Mirror 4: Old version - not required! (1.56) (4373 Klicks)
Mirror 5: Old version - not required! (1.63) (6067 Klicks)