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Race Balancing Project 10.52 [EV - English Version]

Größe: 3.4 MB
Datum: 18.08.2007 um 18:27
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: bg2408
Traffic: 185.7 GB (56350x herunter geladen)

English version. See the online readme for installation guide and content.

If you do not read the readme installation guide, or at least the quick start summary at the end of this page, the plugin will not work. So go ahead and read it!

You don't like that a few races and birthsigns are clearly superior to all other, because you don't think that they should be additional difficulty sliders?
You have discovered that after a few hours an Imperial feels identical to a Khajiit?
You are disappointed that after a few levels a Breton with Atronach birthsign is a better pure fighter than a Redguard with Warrior birthsign?
You don't like that some races and birthsigns grant permanent bonuses, while the other get virtually nothing?
You find it odd that the skill bonuses and starting attributes of many races look like one egg to another?
You are wondering that one point of Intelligence grants a higher Magicka regeneration than a point of Willpower?
You are irritated that all people are always very nice to everyone, even a freshly escaped prisoner?
You find it stupid that a mage has to enchant all his stuff with "Fortify Magicka" Sigil Stones, but fighters have room for more useful enchantments?
You are searching a different game experience, where the race of your opponents, like bandits and necromancers, really matters? Where a Nord is a better fighter than a High Elf? And where every race and birth signs feel different through the whole game, not just in the early levels?
You don't want to raise Endurance as soon as possible and would like to see it working retroactive?
You do like Morrowind's Magicka bonuses more, which are intelligence dependent and not giving out the full bonus at level 1?

That is what this project aims to achieve. An overhaul of all races, birthsigns and the whole Magicka system (Magicka pool, regeneration, armour penalty, spell cost progression). This project has two goals: Make everything equal but different, and keeping things as lore correct as possible.

Additionally, because this project was started a long time ago, before we had the option of Wrye Bash's race patch feature, very many cosmetic mods are already included. Beside the whole race balancing thing, this is additionally a really big cosmetic mod, too!

Readme with complete list of changes

Quick start guide:
- download the correct language version (EV = English version, DV = German version). This one is the EV.
- download the installation files and unzip them into your Obliviondata folder. There are prepacked zips for a couple of body replacers in there.
- put the bgBalancingEVCore.esp in your OblivionData folder and activate it.
- if you do not have Shivering Isles installed, additionally put the bgBalancingNoSI_Core_still_required.esp in your folder and activate it.
- usually you don't need any of the optional files, they are more for special wishes. Read, what they do, and choose yourself.
- do you want to update an existing character? Use this console command: Startquest bgbupdate

If you don't want to use the cosmetic additions, there is now a light version available, without new hairs, eyes and races.

Compatibility: Everything that doesn't touch races is fine. If it does touch races, it should be loaded before this plugin, and it's components which change something of the races won't work anymore.

Special thanks: daemondarque, Sen-Chan, AlienSlof, Capucine, Quarn, Luchaire, Ren, princess_stomper, Chingari, Ismelda, and all the people I forgot.

Hinweis: "Ziel speichern unter" ist nicht möglich.
Advice: "Save target as" is not possible.