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Blood & Mud - Dirt Deluxe Anglais [English Version]

Größe: 185.5 MB
Datum: 02.07.2007 um 22:11
Uploader: GreyWolf
Autor: Ryan und Team
Traffic: 3 TB (17171x herunter geladen)

Blood&Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais

~ There are people who fear the Oblivion and there are people – who are born in Bravil... ~

Do you know Bravil? Nah, I mean: Do you know Braveel for real?

Some say, it is the whore of the Niben,
some say it is the best place to be.
Some say, that atmosphere is to dark for them
and some say, to that: "That’s why I am living here."
And some say, they didn’t get a word down there
and others say to this: Yeah, because you are not from Braveel.
But the difference is not so huge, see –
in other towns they got the city-guard and in Bravil they got ‘the Marv’,
and other towns got the thieves-guild and these guys call themselves in Bravil

And one thing is for sure,
if you see the dawn over the reddish chapel of Mara,
take a walk down at the channel watching Yana at work
or that strange Aeko from that weird store passing out on the side-walk,
you know where you belong. You know what I mean?
And if you do! Have you already heard?
They got another stake un-taken, so watch out
or you’ll end next to the finest gardened grave-yard
of whole Cyrodeel.

Blood&Mud includes the translation of B&M I-III and a whole rebuild of the finest town of the Niben.
Over 800 unique-dialogs, a massive amount of usable items, more than twenty new characters and three major-quests, not beatable with a fine spell or a decent blade.

Do not load B&M if you need quest-markers
Do not load B&M if you need subtitles
Do not load B&M if you don’t like accents
Do not load B&M if fast “Hack’n’Slay” is your prophecy
Do not load B&M if you are a texture-freak
Do not load B&M if you depend on cheats

And if you are now still with me… then get it.

And if you have no clue what this is here is all about… lend me five minutes and take a peek here.

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