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bgBalancing7EV [English Version]

Größe: 75 KB
Datum: 01.07.2007 um 16:13
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: bg2408
Traffic: 182.9 MB (2497x herunter geladen)

Outdated version! Current version is located here!

English version. See the online readme for installation guide and content.

If you do not read the readme installation guide, or at least the quick start summary at the end of this page, the plugin will not work. So go ahead and read it!

Short summary:
- in my opinion much better balancing between the various races and birth signs.
- compatible with the new hair styles and eyes of the cosmetic compilation.
- new in this version: playable Dark Seducers and Golden Saints (both require Shivering Isles), and more lore friendly Mystic Elf variant.
- new in this version: improved formulas for spell point regeneration and casting cost progression. Many tweaks to have on the one hand enough Magicka for mages, but on the other hand no Magicka overkill for noncaster classes or at high levels.
- new in this version: modular system. If you don't like specific changes, example given to the Magicka system, you can disable them.

Quick start guide:
- download the correct language version (EV = English version, DV = German version). This one is the EV.
- download the Cosmetic Compilation+ and copy the Meshes and Texture Folders in your Obliviondata folder. Do not activate it's .esp!
- put the bgBalancingEVCore.esp in your OblivionData folder and activate it.
- if you do not have Shivering Isles installed, additionally put the bgBalancingNoSI_Core_still_required.esp in your folder and activate it.
- usually you don't need any of the optional files, they are more for special wishes. Read, what they do, and choose yourself.

Compatibility: Everything that doesn't touch races is fine. If it does touch races, it should be loaded before this plugin, and it's components which change something of the races won't work anymore. Classical examples: New hair styles and eyes (that's why the CC+ got integrated, too many requests for that), resized races. Everything else like OOO works. I'm using overhaul mods since the very beginning ;-).

First of all I like to thank everyone who has contributed to the (because of Oblivion's way to handle plugins integrated) Cosmetic Compilation+, Ren (all textures and meshes of Cosmetic Compilation, creator of the Mystic Elves), Soya (four additionally hair styles in CC+), Capucine, RedMoon.

Wrye for "Wrye Bash". Without it I would have had many problems, especially with some of the optional files.

Also I like to thank everyone who played previous versions and gave feedback, especially DWS and Dragonlady.

You may change and redistribute the changes made with the convert-to-master-method, or send files made at the Core file to me. I do not wish to see the Core plugin distributed without my knowledge. Even today I'm getting support requests for bugs in the first beta test release from early 2006, which was uploaded without my consens or knowledge on other sites, and is still floating around somewhere out there. Really annoying.

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