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Ald Indoril 2 DV

Größe: 427 KB
Datum: 25.02.2007 um 11:23
Uploader: bg2408
Autor: nnw und Viconia deVir
Traffic: 2 GB (4813x herunter geladen)

Ald Indoril2 DV

Übersetzt von NNW / und Viconia de Vir

Den Inhalt des Ordners AldIndoril_DV nach Data Files kopieren, aund wie üblich im launcher aktivieren fertig.

Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer: als Author der EV Version

DV Version
NNW / Viconia de Vir


NNW /per PN bei oder
Viconia de Vir / per PN bei

Viconia de Vir für Ihre Übersetzung der Dialoge und Hilfe. Desweiteren an und fürs Hosting der DV Version

Bekannte Bugs
Ein paar Dialoge sind etwas "merkwürdig" formuliert.
In Anbetracht des "Sprechers/NPC's " aber selbsterklärend...
Teilweise mussten Dialoge umformuliert, bzw. aufgrund der Begrenzung des Textes auf 512 Zeichen im CS gekürzt werden.
Solltet ihr fehler finden, postet diese bitte in die Threads auf bzw.

Weitere Übersetzungen von uns

Morrowind comes Alive 5.1

*******************The Ald Indoril Mod ReadMe****************
By Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer

Legal hipsikosh:
NOTE: The Ald Indoril Mod was created by Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer and all non-generic ideas,
text fragments and some character names are my intellectual property. However, the Morrowind Game,
Tribunal and all game software, names, music and fiction contained in the original game
is COPYRIGHT BETHESDA SOFTWORKS. The whooole lot. No rights of theirs am I trying to infringe. So help me Azura.
The musical contents of this mod was provided to me on the WWW as a work in the public domain,
I have not altered the file other than having shortened the piece, and am redistributing it through this zip file as
public domain. I think its Rachmaninov. Anyway.
*---End LEGAL Hipsikosh---*

So whats this mod all about?
Well, the main addition to the game is a whole new area of Mournhold, Ald Indoril, that is accessible through doors in Godsreach
and the Plaza (or through the sewers). It features guilds, complete with services and quests, shops, taverns, a brothel and a
sort of mysterious religious brotherhood. There is no "main plot" to this mod - instead it is though to be an extension of the
already great game. I just missed the guilds in Mournhold...
Secondly, there are other new quests both in the "normal" parts of Mournhold and back in Vardenfell. Most notably there is a
new quest involving everyone's favourite girl friend, Ahnassi! If you have finished all the Ahnassi quests (and have access to her home),
try talking to her again for a while. Khajiites rule.
Lastly, there are a few random new dungeons that I have added throughout the game, mostly just out in the wild for you to discover

This mod contains a few high-level magical items that could be considered unbalanced, but I recommend, as always, that you
use your own common sense in deciding wether to keep or sell the items. None of the items except one with a special script are
so powerful that they could not have been created in-game.
On the other hand, there is one potential opponent you could be facing that might be considered unbalanced. He is designed to be
a fighter in par with Vivec, albeit more powerful and less tough. I have beaten him with a level 12 character, but without grossly power-
playing, I'd say he is more suitable to tackle for characters level 20 and over.

I consider this a release of a finished module, not a beta. It is, for all purposes of conversation, version 1.0. Unless someone points
out something major that is wrong with it, I'll be moving on to other projects from here. As usual, I'm more than happy to recieve
feedback on my work, and I'd like to thank those who have sent me feedback in the past, especially following
the Abandoned Imperial Subway Mod. Please send any feedback to: I promise to reply to every email I get if you
just put "Morrowind Mod" in the email topic. :-)

Unzip the file anywhere and then put the .esp file in the Morrowind/Data Files/ directory. Put the .mp3 file in the Morrowind/Music/
directory and lastly keep this readme file for future reference. When starting up Morrowind, choose "Data Files" and then check the
VOORHEES-AldIndoril box that will appear in the list if you put the .esp file in the correct place.

When loading up the file for the first time, you'll get a message saying 'Topic "" tried to become typ "Journal".' This message will
appear only once and does not influence the game play in any way, nor will it mess up anything in your saves. It simply means that
I forgot not to put a number in the name of a topic. *bangs head on desk* Sorry 'bout that, please don't send me any emails about
that particular bug.

I'm a 24-year-old Swede with too much spare time and a severe case of Morrowind dependance.


Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer can be reached through the following means: OR
OR through my website: and
OR through the official Morrowind Forums at, where I post as "Voorhees".

Thanx for downloading the mod and thank you in advance for reporting any bugs to me!
Also, a BIG and HUUUGE thanx to Morrowind Summit for everything they do for the Morrowind community.

/Ottar "Voorhees" Kraemer

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